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аренда квартир в одессе квартиры в одессе

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Odessa Apartments

Francuzskij Blvd (ul. Yasnaya,12)

Rooms 2
Sleeping Accomodation 2+2
Area 35 m2
Floor/Floors 10/11

Sea view

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Nights Rate
Rates may vary depending on travel dates, season and length of stay.The actual rate for your reservation will be provided upon request.
Washing machine, WiFi, balcony with a shower, view, bathroom with Jacuzzi
Did a little boy who was born right after the Second World War on the African island of Zanzibar, know that he would become a legend and inspiration for millions of people all over the world? Sometimes, when I look at the picture of a man who was eager to try everything and for whom being at the top of the world was not enough, I think: “Yes, he knew!” Sure, he is Freddie Mercury, after all! He was always ahead of his time, always full of excitement and spontaneity. Our new apartment “Mercury” (3001) has been implemented in light colors (Mercury’s favorite color was white). This flat is a combination of different styles from art-deco to modern. Trying to copy Freddie Mercury is not something anybody would do, but to show his constant change of styles and attempts to be always new and unpredictable is exactly what we did by coming up with the new design elements like shapes of the furniture, mirrors, tall headboard that reaches the ceiling and makes an impression that the whole world is upside down. The apartment is located on the 10th floor of 11-story building in the beautiful new architectural complex “Marseille”. The complex has secured parking, playground elevators. But the most attractive thing is location. It is only 10 minutes slow walk to the nice beach, 6 minutes drive to the Rail Station, 10 minutes drive to Deribasovskaya Street, and 8 minutes drive to Arcadia with all the clubs and bars that are famous not only in Odessa, but far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Apartment has everything you might need and maybe even more: king size bed, Jacuzzi, ultramodern kitchen, shower right on the balcony, filtered water, Wi-Fi, two LCD TVs. We can continue writing about all the things that this apartment has, but it would be easier to tell what it does not have and will never have: it will never have bored and unhappy tenants! While sitting above the clouds on a beautiful terrace with a cup of espresso, you will understand that everything you have ever dreamed of during long winter nights, happened right here this moment, this very second in this beautiful apartment in Odessa.

We provide cleaning of the apartment  every 7 days  with replacement of bedding and towels.
Booking terms and conditions.
You can  reserve any apartments that are listed on our website and available during the period you are interested in.
Please confirm the availability of the apartment by filling the form  or call +38098-2155623. To confirm your reservation you must send a one night deposit that will be counted towards your total payment. The deposit is required to hold an apartment.Please, discuss methods of payment with our manager.
Check-in time - 13:00. Early check-in is available by arrangement only. Check-out time  - 12:00.
Early or late check outs may be made with the discretion of the management, however, adequate notice  must be given and MUST be authorized in advance. Subject to space availability, it is permissible to increase the duration of stay with short notice, but it is not permissible to decrease the duration of stay.
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