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     Odessa is one of the oldest cities of the eastern Europe, having been through several huge changes, among which the latest and most important was event of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which brought Ukraine and Odessa consequently in a position to deal with the new capitalistic system, trying to escape from the heavy influence and shadow of communism, which is still obvious everywhere. 

     The city exists from the antiquity as a major Greek colony, but as we know it today, it was born two hundred years ago, when Catherine the Great needed a port that exits to the Black Sea, so as to expand Russia’s business in trade and defeat the Turks of the Ottoman Empire who were still occupying parts of the Eastern Europe. Catherine brought famous architects from Italy and France and they designed and built a marvellous city, which still remains as it was. Odessa’s old city is gorgeous and you cannot help it but fall in love with the picturesque buildings and streets with the western European style still vivid and intense. Thankfully big parts of the old city are restored and regained the charm of their past.

    Deribasovskaya Street is the epicenter of the traditional old city, turned into a very commercial district now with a wide range of shops and fairs.odessa opera theater tickets During the summer months, this is the place to go, as it is considered hot spot for people watching, as there are numerous outdoor cafés and many young and fashion people around.

    Built in 1837 the Potemkin Steps are the ideal spot to go and see the Bay and the Harbor. The Primorskjj Boulevard will lead you to the monuments of the Tsars and the notorious Soviet generals, while when you get down to the steps you can see the new passenger Port. 

    Frantsuskij Boulevard was the place where merchants used to have their businesses and was one of the most important for the city’s economy areas, but numerous sanatoria exist there now, reminding in nothing the old atmosphere .If you ask the Odessites what is the most defining part of their city they will show you the cobblestone paths and acacia trees as the most reminiscent of Old Odessa.

    One of the most popular districts in Odessa is Arcadia Beach, almost ten kilometres from the city centre, a place where cafés and restaurants exist in abundance and are the main attractions for tourists during the summer months. There are several beaches along the coast, crowded during the summer months but always worth visiting, such as the Lanzheron, Otrada and Delfin.

    Transportation in Odessa is relatively good and easy to follow, as there are cable cars, trolleys and buses and of course numerous taxis and transport services offered in very reasonable prices, while the rail system of the city connects it will all major European cities. Actually arriving in Odessa is the easiest thing you can do. Afterwards, an entire city is waiting for you to show the beauties of its past and the potentials of its future.

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