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18 Sadova Street, Odessa Ukraine




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Apartments in Odessa, Ukraine

Apartments in Odessa, Ukraine, is the best alternative way of accommodation for visitors, especially in comparison with renting regular guestrooms in hotels in Odessa, which are usually overpriced and overbooked.

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Odessa hotels

When you are travelling to Odessa for the first time, checking online for Odessa hotels is a great idea, first of all because you will get a comprehensive idea of what is available in Odessa and second because you will find many of the hotels in Odessa offering good deals for those who book online.

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Advantages of spending your vacation in an apartment hotel in Odessa, Ukraine

Accommodation in Odessa is not a really hard issue and if you book early it wona?t be a daunting experience as in many other European cities. This is mostly due to the numerous apartment hotels in Odessa.

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Renting Odessa apartments: tips and tricks.

Apartments in Odessa, Ukraine, are a really great alternative to the guestrooms in a regular Odessa hotel, which are usually overpriced and in the case of Ukraine slightly over packed due to the lack of many big modern Odessa hotels. There are many advantages in renting an apartment and that is probably why only the 30% of the visitors prefer to stay in a hotel, especially during the high season.

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Extreme tourism in Odessa

Finally you unpacked your suitcases, spend 10-20 minutes in the Jacuzzi tub in your Odessa apartment with the glass of wine or favorite book, typed couple of messages to your friends about what a great deal you found in our hotela| Now what? It is time to leave your apartment and explore what Odessa has to offer.

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Weather in Odessa:

Paradis Odessa Apartments

Odessa apartments in Ukraine : our apartments for rent - an unbeatable alternative to Odessa hotels. We offer all basic and luxury amenities like fully equipped kitchens,he Deribasovskaya Str. right across the City Garden.

Odessa apartments in Ukraine : our apartments for rent - an unbeatable alternative to Odessa hotels. We offer all basic and luxury amenities like fully equipped kitchens,he Deribasovskaya Str. right across the City Garden.

Our PARADIS apartments are in the building which is located on Sadovaya Street near Sobornaya Square. 2 minutesa? walk and you are on Deribasovskaya. We have 6 restaurants next door and many more right nearby on Deribasovskaya Street. Every year we renovate our flats to make sure our guests are happy. mplex is located on Sadovaya street in the very heart of Odessa,We are located less than half block from Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and Cathedral Square.


We always offer discounts for those who stay with us more than 7 nights.
Don't leave our site before asking us about your options!
If you don't see what you need, while browsing our Odessa Ukraine apartments in apart-hotel, check our new carefully selected collection of Odessa apartments that will for sure satisfy all your requirements.

* Paradis Odessa apartments made their debute at New York Times Travel Show in New York City, February 6-8,  and the Adventures in Travel Expo 2009 at the Washington (DC) Convention Center, February 21-22 with the help of U.S.-Ukraine Foundation!  You can find broshure at traveltoukraine.org

* We offer Opera Theater tickets. Please, check Odessa Opera seating chart.  
* We've added a new FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to this site.

We offer VIP Odessa apartments:

Apartment "Angelica"

Rooms:1   |   Price: from $30

Apartment "Carmen"

Rooms:1   |   Price: from $30

Apartment "Anna"

Rooms:2   |   Price: from $30

Apartment "Maria"

Rooms:3 +kitchen  |   Price: from $50

Apartment "SAKURA"

Rooms:1   |   Price: from $30

Apartment "NATALIE" with Jacuzzi and SAUNA

Bedrooms:2  |   Price: from $50

We know very well what todaya?s travelers are looking for on a trip. That is why we designed our little ??PARADIS?? just for them.



1. Please, expect rates in summer to be higher than in winter. Usually the difference could be up to 30%. Odessa is a resort city. Numerous tourists from all over the world drive prices up. Ask for the quote; dona?t compare listed prices when you shop for an apartment in Odessa. Your quote depends on your specific arrival and departure date, number of guests (Yes, many owners charge more for the party of six than for a couple). Your quote could change over time. Pay deposit as soon as you find what you are looking for. Usually we can hold an apartment for a customer for 24 hours, but it is not always possible.

2. We offer Apartments for rent in the center of Odessa and in Arcadia. Where would you like to stay? Arcadia is very attractive in summer. Apartments in Arcadia are more expensive. If you are on a budget, we recommend you to stay in the center. Keep in mind that many apartments that are advertised as a?Arcadia apartmentsa? are not really that close to the restaurants, beach and clubs.

3. Be prepared to pay deposit for your booked Odessa apartment with the credit card using PayPal. Keep in mind that the rest of your balance should be paid in cash. If you prefer to book something at the last moment, call us on the day of your arrival and we will try to find something for you. It is better to rent apartment in advance during summer months.

4. The waiting time to get a reply from the agencies is 12 hours. . It takes time to get in touch with the owners, check current rates and availability. Dona?t expect to call and get all the information you need over the phone. The agents are not always ready to provide the information you need.

5. When you complete online reservation form to rent apartment in Odessa, dona?t skip important information: arrival and departure dates, number of rooms required, number of beds, preferred location in Odessa, budget. If you dona?t want to specify your budget, tell the agent at least what class of apartment you are looking for (economy, luxury or something in the middle).

Contact Information - if you have an opportunity to visit our fascinating and unforgettable Odessa, please, get in touch with us. Our team will help you to choose the Odessa apartment and book it by phone or via email.

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we provide wide range of apartments in Odessa that could fit any budget. Need to stay in Odessa hotel? Try apartments in Odessa first.

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