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аренда квартир в одессе квартиры в одессе

Advantages of spending your vacation in an apartment hotel in Odessa.


        Odessa apartments in Apartments Hotel Paradis


    Accommodation in Odessa is not a really hard issue and if you book early it won’t be a daunting experience as in many other European cities. This is mostly due to the numerous apartment hotels in Odessa, which are promising the most convenient and pleasant stay you can have in Odessa. Although this is a city that demands serious sightseeing and leaves you little time to spend indoors, accommodation in apartment hotels in Odessa is taken very seriously and is considered to be among the best in the world.

    Renting an apartment for your vacation in Odessa is one of the best choices you can have, mostly because there is a wide selection of them in the city, in all suburbs and neighbourhoods, closer to downtown or to the sea, depending what is your preference. In most cases these apartment hotels have some easy to navigate through websites in English and you can easily access the information you need in order to decide what is the best choice for you. All of them featured online have comprehensive websites full of pictures from the guestrooms and apartments, and an array of information that can play a significant role in your decision about booking an apartment or not, such as location, amenities, prices, discounts and payment methods. In most cases these websites offer a good tourist guide for the city as well.

    Spending your vacation in an apartment in Odessa rather than a hotel is really beneficiary especially if you are there to stay for more than a week, because the apartments are made this way that ensure a pleasant and easy stay, giving you a homey feeling. They are all equipped with latest amenities and depending on what kind of apartment you decide to rent, they can be either very elegant and stylish, with many luxuries, or simple and budget solutions. Odessa is infamous for its nightlife and many young people gather there especially in the summer. There are great accommodation solutions for them, if they choose to stay in apartments, because they can find good and clean ones for just 30$ per night.

    Odessa apartments are made the Russian style, which reflects something of the Old Russian era and its style, and although most of them are refurbished and renovated they still keep something of their elegance, no matter how simple or old they are. All apartments in Odessa offer privacy and autonomy that cannot be found in a hotel and this is something that most visitors cherish when visiting Odessa, that is why they choose to spend their holidays in apartments rather in hotels, or at least that is what reflects the grand majority of them.

    When spending your holidays in an apartment in Odessa you cannot expect anything less than a clean space, with separate lounge and kitchen and a number of standard amenities, when choosing a standard apartment, or fully equipped solution, with luxury conveniences and comforts when choosing a five star apartment hotel. In all cases the apartments in Odessa are highly recommended and are fairly considered to be among the best in the world.

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We offer VIP apartments in Odessa:

Apartment "Angelica"

Apartment "Angelica"
Rooms:1   |   Price: from $50

Apartment "Carmen"

Apartment "Carmen"
Rooms:1   |   Price: from $50

Apartment "Anna"

Apartment "Anna"
Rooms:2   |   Price: from $50

Apartment "Maria"

Apartment "Maria"
Rooms:3   |   Price: from $80
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