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Renting Odessa apartments :tips and tricks


        Odessa apartments in Apartments Hotel Paradis


     Apartments in Odessa, Ukraine, are a really great alternative to the guestrooms in a regular hotel, which are usually overpriced and in the case of Ukraine slightly over packed due to the lack of many big modern hotels. There are many advantages in renting an apartment and that is probably why only the 30% of the visitors prefer to stay in a hotel, especially during the high season.

    Odessa apartment hotels offer two great advantages: low price and complete privacy. This is a combination that many future visitors look for when deciding where to go and where to stay and Odessa apartments offer it in a more than adequate quantity. Privacy, comfort and safety are the key elements, as the apartments are completely autonomous and independent, all equipped with functional and well appointed amenities that guests will need during their stay. Usually there are three categories of apartments offered – economy, standard and high class – that can meet the needs and requirements of all possible travelers, budget oriented or leisure tourists who wish for something more stylish and elegant.

    The economy class apartment hotels in Odessa, feature all standard comforts, with bathroom, TV, phone and some kitchen equipment in one single large room , that can accommodate 2 persons. They don’t have washing machines or Jacuzzi of course, but they are offered in very cheap prices, usually around 20$ per night. Standard class has all standards amenities, plus fully equipped kitchen, internet access and separate lounge and you can find places that can accommodate 2-4 people. Their prices range from 40-80$ depending on the area and persons. High class apartments on the other hand are usually more nicely decorated, featuring all modern conveniences, and can easily accommodate from 2-6 people, as they have separate bedrooms and living spaces, and definitely create a homier atmosphere. Their prices range from 90-250$.

    Odessa, as most Ukraine cities, is famous for its apartment hotels as they are suitable for longer stay. The fact that they provide complete privacy – as no one will be interested in whom you are staying with, or even if you host some people for a night or two - is their great advantage and this is something that many individuals or small groups prefer, as they can organize their time and space the way they want.

    When you are looking for apartment hotels you should have in mind that most of them don’t require a minimum stay, booking is in general free ,which means that you have to pay only one night of stay in advance , and you can make your reservation even 3 months before the actual date of arrival. In some cases, depending on the type of apartment and service, there is a meet and greet at the airport with complimentary transport, while the reservation can be made online , where all major credit cards or even Pay pal payments are accepted. Taking a look online at the apartment hotel complexes and services will give you a full picture of the service provided, as most websites have detailed information and pictures for the apartments and areas where they are located.

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We offer VIP apartments in Odessa:

Apartment "Angelica"

Apartment "Angelica"
Rooms:1   |   Price: from $50

Apartment "Carmen"

Apartment "Carmen"
Rooms:1   |   Price: from $50

Apartment "Anna"

Apartment "Anna"
Rooms:2   |   Price: from $50

Apartment "Maria"

Apartment "Maria"
Rooms:3   |   Price: from $80
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