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A travel Guide to Odessa


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     Odessa is one of the most important cities in Ukraine, the administrative center of the cities that lay to the Black Sea and one of the most important commercial and entertaining hubs of the former Soviet Union. It is located at the North West seashore of the Black Sea and boasts more than one million inhabitants.

    Odessa was founded in 1794 by Catherine the Great, who wished to create a mighty port for the Russian Empire. Since then Odessa proved to be the most powerful port to the Black sea surpassing the expectations of the Russian court.

    Odessa is the city from where all trading routes to the Black Sea pass by and this increased its popularity since the 18th century. But what is it really that makes Odessa so unique? Some people will say that it is unique because it’s a patchwork of ethnicities and nationalities, a rainbow of cultures and languages, as this place has historically been the city of numerous Jewish, Russians an Greek populations, which have blended harmoniously, creating this unique result that Odessa is today. Most people will tell you that above all landmarks and sightseeing the Odessites are what makes the biggest difference from every other city in Ukraine and former Soviet Union.

    Odessa is a city of moderately dry climate and relatively milder winters than the other cities around it, mostly due to the sea. It is plenty of Beaches, among which are many that are famous worldwide, not only for their beauty but because they are the main tourist destination and attraction for numerous visitors from all over the world, but mostly for the Westerners, who are slowly discovering Odessa. Arcadia is one of the most famous and developed beaches of the area. It is really gorgeous as it boasts flowers, lush greenery and numerous restaurants and cafes that cater local and international cuisine, offering magnificent sea view. Arcadia is also the main entertaining venue during summer, featuring some of the most infamous and impressive nightclubs.

    If you are wondering what is worth seeing in the city of Odessa, there are many options, ranging from museums to the natural beauties of the city and of course the renowned port of Odessa. What a visitor shouldn’t miss is the Botanical Garden of the University, which was founded back in 1867 and exists until today featuring some of the most rare plants and flowers in the world. The visitor of the Gardens can only be astonished by their beauty which is enhanced by the sea that lies behind them.

    As many musicians and artists have worked in Odessa, the city houses many Operas and Theatres which are must see for the visitors, especially those who cherish opera plays and ballet, for which Ukraine and Odessa have always been famous. Moreover the buildings of the national theatre and Odessa opera are pieces of art themselves, with a magnificent architecture that reflects the richness and elegance of the Russian Empire of the previous eras.

    Odessa has regular connections with all major capitals and European cities both by train and planes, a fact that makes it even more approachable to the numerous visitors that have made Odessa the leading Ukrainian resort.

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Apartment "Angelica"
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Apartment "Carmen"
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Apartment "Anna"
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Apartment "Maria"
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